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"Cat s Beach"

Just a few km from the hotel, you can find the Cat s beach, where, against their nature, cats have adapt theriself to a sea life.

This is a unique place where, thanks to the efforts and and the passion of Andrea Atzori and Irina Albu (as well as all the other volunteers) these animals can live happily surrounded by nature.

You can ask us information about how to reach "Su Pallosu" enjoying an awsome itinerary inside this oasi made up of sea, cats, plants, turtles and so on...

P.S.: We invite all the kind visitors to be careful and civilized, respecting the speed limit.

For any further information follow the miaowing:


Every material supports for the cats are welcome (cat s food, old blankets, cat s bed and so on) can be delivered directly or via mail/carrier to the Oasi Felina of Su Pallosu, via Ziu Triagus 12, località Su Pallosu, 09070 San Vero Milis, Sardegna.

Thank you!